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Whenever detached, the Corsair K68 RGB resembles a run of the mill mid-extend gaming console, aside from the grasp finished space bar…

The console is matte-dark, with the Corsair logo focused over the capacity keys, and the fixed, non-plaited USB link focused behind the logo. To one side of the logo, you’ll discover a brilliance alteration catch and Windows lock key, just as marker LEDs for Num, Caps, and Scroll Lock.

Prop up to arrive at the volume control catches, which are illuminated, similar to the media control catches legitimately under them. Keycaps are inward, with the images on each key (numbers and F keys included) carved so they enable the backdrop illumination to radiate through.

The console accompanies a separable, hold finished wrist rest…

Corsair K68 RGB

Dissimilar to most wrist rests at this value extend, the K68’s isn’t attractive. It joins by means of two pinchable plastic prongs that clasp into the K68’s underside. Dissimilar to some attractive wrist rests, this design won’t inadvertently segregate when you knock it. Then again, it’s irksome to join or evacuate. The wrist rest is finished for grasping, however, it’s still hard plastic, making it just steadily more agreeable for composing than the edge of your work area.

The console’s posterior is not all that much…

Two elastic feet append close to the base, and a lot of flip able feet break at the top. Just a single stature setting is offered, so you go either raised or level. A progression of little openings dabs the rear of the console.


The feature highlight of the K68 RGB is its water opposition. Corsair deals with this by encompassing the key switches with elastic lodgings. The RGB lights are likewise settled underneath that equivalent translucent wrapper, which makes a hypnotizing diffuse sparkle. The lighting is tantamount to we’re accustomed to seeing on Cherry switches, with sufficiently bright characters at the highest point of the keycaps and the lower half of the keycaps being not all that sufficiently bright.

While we appreciate the manner in which the default rainbow lighting shifts over the console. The majority of the backdrop illumination is adjustable on a for each key premise. The Corsair Utility Engine (iCUE) isn’t the most agreeable programming for modifying the presentation of the console, yet it offers formats for fast customization, and the devices are all there to style the lighting any way you like. Users can likewise connection profiles to various projects, insofar as you’re willing to place in the time.

Past the standard keys and Numpad, the Corsair K68 RGB incorporates volume and media playback controls, a backdrop illumination catch, and a gamer-accommodating catch that can incapacitate the Windows key so you don’t inadvertently draw up the beginning menu in a game. The lock can likewise be an arrangement to handicap Alt+Tab, Alt+F4, and Shift+Tab.


The Corsair K68 RGB conveys as a top of the line mechanical gaming console. All through our play sessions, it never hitches, never keeps a key activated after we’ve let off, or discharges a key regardless we’re holding down. From our testing the full N-key rollover and against ghosting fills in as publicized.

Shockingly, we rest easy thinking about the Cherry MX Reds in the K68 RGB than we normally do. It feels like there might be somewhat more travel before the key activates, so we can all the more serenely lay our fingers on the keys without a failure to discharge. This makes gaming and composing knowledge completely palatable.

Corsair K68 RGB

The keycaps do have the common wobble we’re accustomed to seeing on Cherry MX Red switches, yet the elastic protection underneath the keys helps mute the run of the mill clatter of a mechanical console.

Obviously, flaunting an IP32 rating for residue and water opposition, the K68 RGB needs to experience a torment test. With downpour in the figure, seven days of residue aggregated on the console, and about a liter of water, we have all we require for the test.

Indeed, even with water spilling on top of it, the K68 RGB shines with all its sparkling illuminated keys composing of course (we even reviewed this survey utilizing the console as yet trickling all over). That entrance insurance tragically does exclude any kind of directing framework like Toshiba Thinkpad consoles.

Rather, the water just pools until it streams over the edges of the console. Furthermore, since the point of the console has a significant influence on keeping liquids and garbage out. You can’t simply lift the console up and shake it off. There’s little to do yet clear off the console and let it air-dry, however that doesn’t mean you can’t continue utilizing it meanwhile.


In the event that the majority of the above sounds like a choice on CUE as opposed to the K68 RGB equipment. It would be ideal if you get that, in our psyches, the two are inseparably connected.

On the off chance that you simply need to discuss the equipment, no doubt—the K68 is a reasonable unit. The MX Red keys are smooth and agreeable. Fabricate quality is Corsair’s standard thing, which means great. Presently, for $90, would we anticipate that the K68 should include more intriguing features than backdrop illumination, media keys.

And a somewhat unremarkable wrist rest? Not really. For a no-name brand attempting to increase a decent footing in the gaming console showcase, we’d hope to see $60 to $80 for mechanical switches with these specs and straightforward features. For an exceptional name and manufacture like Corsair, particularly with the IP32 strength tossed in, $90 appears to be reasonable.

That takes us to the K68 RGB. Presently, we’re asking: Is the RGB lighting and control worth an extra $30?

We’ve demonstrated enough use cases above to offer you a sense of how you may respond to that question for yourself.

For us, the appropriate response separated into two components: it’s amusing to watch, and it improves the lucidity of our gameplay. Not the performance—the lucidity of our capacity to perceive what’s going on with everything and where to press.

Greater lucidity implies fewer missteps and in this way better outcomes. Is it a night-and-day distinction? Obviously not. Yet, are those to a great extent impalpable advantages worth $30? For some, including us, yes.

Obviously, the CUE lighting customization goes connected at the hip with Corsair’s large scale manager. We adore the clocks for exchanging lighting profiles, and that element that executes two macros with one key ought to be a standard-issue for each genuine gaming console. Luckily for Corsair, it’s most certainly not. In the event that Corsair just made a superior showing with its UI as well as documentation. We would call the product side of this item out and out overpowering.

At last, what you truly get with the K68 RGB is the nature of a $160-to-$170 gaming background for around 50 dollars less. On the off chance that you like a Cherry MX Red feel, and if the CUE utilization depicted here beginnings you salivating, we would be unable to prescribe a superior choice.

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