Lenovo Yoga Book C930 Review

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The Lenovo Yoga Book C930 is the follow up to the first Lenovo Yoga Book, which stays one of our preferred 2-in-1 workstation/tablet half breeds. While we cherished a lot of things about the first, what truly energizes us about the Lenovo Yoga Book C930 is that it vows to address the issues we had with its ancestors.

In contrast to some equipment spin-offs, which wind up taking no chances with just a couple of iterative updates to their equipment, the Lenovo Yoga Book C930 goes out on a limb with a drastically unique design, which incorporates an imaginative, second E Ink show that serves as a console, a cushion for maki


Lenovo has delivered some really dazzling PCs as of late – particularly in its Yoga run – and we’re satisfied to report that the Yoga Book C930 is the same. This is a little and svelte workstation with a perfect watchband-connect pivot, which was first presented in the Yoga 3.

The bent pivot, just as the Lenovo logo that keeps running down the left-hand side of the top when shut, indicates how obliged the design of the Yoga Book C930 is to customary books.

Whenever shut, it’s an astoundingly slim gadget at simply 9.9mm thick, and weighs simply 775g.

Lenovo Yoga Book C930

The slenderness of the Lenovo Yoga Book C930 is for the most part because of the way that it doesn’t have a physical console.

As it’s a Yoga gadget, the pivot permits the Yoga Book C930 to be adaptable, flipping the screen so it very well may be utilized in tent mode – for watching media on or flipped totally back to be utilized as a tablet.

It is in tablet mode where the dainty design of the Yoga Book C930 truly sticks out, as it enables the gadget to be not excessively a lot thicker – or heavier – than a standard tablet.

2nd screen Lenovo Yoga Book C930

Maybe the greatest selling purpose of the Lenovo Yoga Book C930 is the second screen that serves as a console, yet in addition as a drawing cushion and ebook peruser also. We’ve seen double screen gadgets previously, however with the Lenovo Yoga Book C930 it appears to be a characteristic fit.

This gives the second screen significantly more power and adaptability, so more applications can be shown on it, and it tends to be utilized to understand archives. The screen is bigger, with a virtual touchpad that grows when tapped, at that point contracts when not being used. Practically speaking, it functions admirably.

While composing on a screen will never feel as responsive or material as utilizing a physical console, Lenovo has incorporated some shrewd deceives in the screen to make it feel progressively good to compose on.

Thus, there’s an improved haptic criticism that delicately vibrates the screen when you drive a key, alongside inconspicuous movements that cause it to seem like the keys are moving when squeezed.

It helps make composing on the Lenovo Yoga Book C930 feel increasingly normal to type on, however it doesn’t exactly match composing on a physical console.

For quick typers (as are we), you may encounter a slight slack to both the catch press activities and the letters showing up in your archive as you type, which can be somewhat perturbing.

Battery life Lenovo Yoga Book C930

The main zone that the Yoga Book C930 verges on intriguing with regards to execution is in battery life, with the PC piling on a better than average 7 hours and 58 minutes in our battery test, where we run a circled 1080p video with the screen at half brilliance.

This will see you through long flights or adventures while viewing a film, and with the incredible screen nature of the Yoga Book C930, that is something you’ll likely need to utilize this gadget for.

On-screen, on-request console

How can one sort on such an irregular gadget? The E Ink show is viewed as the lower half of the clamshell. There, a monochrome on-screen console shows up on interest, total with a touchpad.

The console decisions are a standard design with a full-time touchpad zone and a rendition with bigger keys in addition to a touchpad that possibly springs up when called.

That bigger form positively makes for a superior composing background, or if nothing else it’s additionally lenient thinking about the absence of material criticism.

Lenovo says programming behind the console application will change in accordance with your random composing on the absolutely level keys. Be that as it may, my greatest issue was that I would never get very used to calling up and rejecting the couch cushion.

Cool thoughts, yet an intense sell

Other than its E Ink screen and console, the Yoga Book C930 includes a couple of other intriguing turns. The clamshell remains shut until you rap gently on the cover twice, so, all in all, it pops open.

There’s likewise a Windows Hello unique mark peruser directly over the console.

The Yoga Book has left me to some degree baffling. It misses more than it hits, yet I could likewise observe a future age drawing nearer to something useful and changing how we consider workstations.

I truly appreciated utilizing and testing this creative PC, which set out to break a few standards in the quest for something new and remarkable. Be that as it may, all in all, the E Ink console and touchpad just won’t work for most typists, and the absence of Kindle arrangement bolster undermines what ought to be the framework’s greatest selling point.

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