Microsoft October 2019 Event Preview: Surface Pro 7, Laptop 3 and More

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Microsoft’s October 2019 Event is relied upon to host a whirlwind of devices. In any case, Microsoft hasn’t revealed much about what to expect, apart from that there will be at least one Surface product there as well as “experiences.” Microsoft October 2019 Event Preview.

The company welcomed the press to New York on Oct. 2, and while there’s nothing affirmed just yet, we have many expectations about what’ll show up.

Surface Pro 7

Microsoft October 2019 Event Preview
Surface Pro 7

There are Surface Pro 7 rumors coming all over out of the woodwork, yet given the launch date of the previous Surface Pros, we probably won’t see the Surface Pro 7 until mid-2020. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Microsoft will skimp on that announcement onstage.

Regarding estimating, signs point to the starting model making a leap to $999, as different models gradually increased $100 after some time. We’re trusting that the new Surface Pro will finally accompany a keyboard and pen, yet we’re not holding our breath.

We’ve seen many patents around a potential new Type Cover and Stylus, which could lead to a sleeker, all the more energizing Surface Pro 7 with a USB Type-C port along with a modular pen.

We’ve also seen an FCC document that indicates that the pen may have wireless charging. As far as specs go, we’re anticipating a tenth Gen Intel Core processor, although the following Surface has been supposed to arrive with an ARM-based variant running on Qualcomm 8cx SoC.

It’s important that German tech site WinFuture claimed to have revealed all Surface Pro configurations, which includes a Core i3 model.

In any case, what we want to see is a USB Type-C port, or even a Thunderbolt 3 port, which, if the patent is any indication, is secured. We need a faster SSD, especially since the last 256GB SSD hit just 327 MBps at a $300 cost bounce. Microsoft October 2019 Event Preview.

A discrete GPU would be pleasant for creators in a hurry; not all that much, however maybe a variant with an Nvidia MX230 or MX250. And as it stands, those Surface bezels are thick by 2019 standards, so we want them as narrow as the space between two keys on a keyboard.

Surface Laptop 3

As with the Surface Pro 7, there’s a ton of buzz around the Surface Laptop 3. Interestingly, the Surface Laptop line has had a similar release pattern as the Surface Pro line, so while it’s possible that it’ll show up at the October occasion, signs point to mid-2020. Yet, we’re cheerful we’ll see it sooner.

On the off chance that Microsoft is setting the Surface Laptop 3 against Apple’s MacBook Air, we could expect a starting cost of around $999. Notwithstanding, there are rumors floating around about an AMD model, so it’s possible that it’ll be significantly cheaper than that.

Speaking of specs, we’re anticipating that the Surface Laptop 3 will boast tenth Gen Intel Core processors, especially since a possible Surface product was benchmarked with it. On the off chance that the AMD rumors are valid, AMD will present a 12-nanometer SoC code-named Picasso that introduces a Zen+ Core with Vega graphics to the Surface Laptop 3.

Regarding the design, a WinFuture revealed that there will be a 15-inch version of the Surface Laptop 3 with a 3:2 aspect ratio, which sounds badass.

What we want from the Surface Laptop 3 isn’t far off from what we want in the Surface Pro 7, as they have similar issues. We need some USB Type-C action, a faster SSD and some more slender bezels. Cheaper upgrades would be decent, as well. As noted with the Surface Pro 7, it’s a $300 upgrade from a 128GB to 256GB SSD, and that’s on the two machines.

Surface Book 3

Unfortunately, it’s far-fetched that the Surface Book 3 will show up at Microsoft’s occasion, especially since the rumors are scant. Considering that WinFuture’s report forgot about the Surface Book 3 altogether, we probably won’t see it

Be that as it may, on the off chance that it somehow surprises us all, we’re anticipating that the estimating of the Surface Book 3 will be in accordance with the cost of the present Surface Book 2. So that means a starting cost of $1,499 on a 13-inch model and a max cost of $2,299 on the 15-inch model.

In spite of the fact that there haven’t been any rumors on specs, we imagine that the Surface Book 3 will make the hop to tenth Gen Intel Core processors.

And since the Surface Book 2 boasted a GTX 1050 and 1060, we foresee that the update will land somewhere between a GTX 1650 and RTX 2060. It is pleasant to see the Surface Book expand into an all-out 2-in-1 with a more slender and lighter design.

Microsoft’s “experiences”: A dual-screen Surface?

Microsoft didn’t just promise to show off Surface hardware at the occasion, yet it also promised “experiences.” While it’s all speculation, we have a notion that it has something to do with the supposed Windows Core OS and the dual-screen foldable Surface.

According to a Forbes report, this new Surface won’t use a foldable display yet two 9-inch, 4:3 aspect ratio panels. We’ve seen patents for this possible design, and it does look rather cool, yet it may work even more a telephone/tablet than an actual laptop. Another supposed key feature is that the foldable Surface will run Android apps.

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